Accounting Software

Reduce Manpower, Boost Ultimate Speed.

Customs Accounting Software.

Accounting is not an easy task. Small businesses to large enterprises face common challenges when it comes to managing their business’ finances. Some of the top obstacles you may encounter involve payroll management, unforeseen expenses, taxes, and cash flow management. Accounting software solutions can help you handle some of the time-consuming tasks so you can focus on more important aspects of running your business.
Time equals money. Hence, if the major portion of your work time is spent on spreadsheets, manual tasks, and databases – which commonly comprises accounting, you hamper your business growth as your attention is away from driving your business forward. By utilizing technology to focus on work that grows your business, you can boost your revenue potential.

Key Features

  •  Unlimited Transaction.
  •  Unlimited Voucher Create.
  •  Unlimited Ledger Create.
  •  Unlimited Chart of Accounts.
  •  Custom MR/PS/Voucher Slip.
  •  Voucher Approval System.
  •  Auto Trial Balance.
  •  Auto Balance Sheet.
  •  Auto Profit and Loss Report.

Special Features

  •  Secure Login System.
  •  SMS Feature if Required.
  •  Backdoor Data Validation.
  •  Production Module.
  •  User Activity Tracking and Blocking Unwanted actions.
  •  Reguler Backup and by Maintanence US.
  •  Expandable Software Design.
  •  Accounts Module.
  •  Access Software from any place and any device.

We offer More

  •  Unlimited User Create.
  •  User Management.
  •  User Activity Tracking.
  •  Custom User Page Permission.
  •  User Blocking.
  •  Office time and Vacation login control.
  •  Multiple Theme Support.
  •  Multiple Language Support.